Internal Linking Guide that Can Boost your SEO Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best gun to shoot a well settled position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO includes On-page and off-page optimization, both of them have equal powers to rank your website and both are too necessary you can’t neglect at any cost.

Internal Linking Guide that Can Boost your SEO Ranking

This article covers an important technique called internal link building which is an important factor that comes under on-page optimization. Many SEO specialist in Bangalore are good at giving appropriate internal links in the website.

Write Quality Contents:

Content is the important thing for online marketing, without contents you can’t include links in your website. Make sure that the content is unique and simple to read. Create more relevant content and insert it into your website.

It is also advisable to include some images, videos and infographics, if your content needs it. They are easy to understand the concept and it will help to improve the user engagement.

Internal Links Count:

As suggested by the experts in best SEO Company in Bangalore, you can include 2-3 internal links in minimum and 10-15 in maximum. Till now there is no fixed limit assigned for internal linking, but while inter linking your contents, please be make sure that the linked anchor text is appropriate to the landing page content. If it is not then it is the wrong way to give internal links. Don’t do this at any cost of time.

Prefer Deep Linking:

Linking to internal categories in your website will yield better results instead of linking to the pages that are already available on your site’s menu.

It is also important to use do follow linking method to give internal links.

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2016

Local Search Engine Optimization is an important factor in SEO to rank and improve your website’s visibility in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The common fact is that if you are well-known in your local area then it is easy to rank your website globally. But think in this way, if you are having a website only to attract local customer then there is no need to do SEO globally.

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2016

At this situation you need more local customers, so you need to do local SEO to attract local customers. Many SEO companies like SEO Service in Chennai are there to provide local SEO at an affordable price. If you are good at SEO then you can do it by your own and here are some tips for you.

Focus on Mobile Optimization:

Most people are having their mobile phone with Internet connection on it, so the usage of desktops and laptops are getting lower day by day. To make your business as a long standing one in the market you need to update the things according to people’s needs. It is the age of Mobile phones, so you need to mobile optimization to reach more customers.

Optimizing your website mobiles will make it more mobile friendly and enhance the browsing experience of users.

Voice Search Optimization:

Next to mobile phones, the voice searches are going viral now. Most people used to speak with their mobile phone to get answer for their queries and it is the easiest way when compared to typing the queries. Many companies like SEO in Chennai helps you to rank your website for voice search results.

Offline Publicity:

Search Engine always prefers your offline publicity of your brand to rank your website on local search results. SO it is important to outreach your business locally to rank top in local search results.