How to Securely Use Your Bank Cards?

Most of the fraudster are accessing the people’s account through their bank cards. The customers from any Bank Branches in India can use any of the ATM’s. So using cards in ATM’s, Shopping Malls, or Any Restaurants, there are lots of possibilities to access your account without your permission. Let see, what will be the steps for secure bank card access.

How to Securely Use Your Bank Cards?

1. Check the ATM

ATM is the most popular way to get access to people’s bank account while withdrawing their money. How will scammers do that? Before, Insert your card into the slot you should check any ‘Skimmer’ was installed into the ATM. Because skimmer will capture all the data’s from your card when you place into the ATM. Scammers will create a dummy card with all your details. It is enough to access your account.

Finding the Skimmer is the little bit tricky, So you often need to be looking to notice something is wrong. Before place your card into the slot always you need to check for any scratches or tampering signs. Check any different color around the card slot. The ATM’s will not use any loose parts.

Note: If you think something is not right in the ATM, you may report to the concerned department and use other ATM.

2. Hide Your PIN Number

The scammer, does not use your card without PIN number correct? So they use most efficient way of stealing your PIN number. Most of the skimmer accompanied with cameras. It will quickly capture your PIN number while you entered on the keypad. Finding camera in the skimmer is tough.

To overcome this problem, you can use your free hand to cover the keypad when you are entering your PIN number.

3. Keep Looking of Your Card

Scams will not happen only in ATM’s. You may use your cards at other familiar places like Restaurants, Theaters, etc., There scammers will have the possibility of steal your card information.

You must be extra careful while using your bank card in Restaurants because the waiter is taking your card away for bill payment, it is possible of store attendant may skim your details. Instead of that, you may choose the cash to pay your bills or directly go and swipe your card in billing machine, not the skimmer.

4. Be Aware and Ask Questions

The scammers are always targeting us when we are distracted. For Example, A taxi driver swipes your card at the end of your journey and tell their EFTPOS is not working. Make Double check while swiping your card because they will be swipe through the skimmer, not the EFTPOS slot.

So, be aware of those situations and raise questions to the driver. You can check by yourself instead of the driver. If, you have a shadow of doubt in your transaction made with the driver. Make a call to your bank customer care and confirm that the payment has not gone. Make a note of the Registration Number and Driver Name for safety purpose.

5. Check the Balance and Stay Vigilant

Usually, banks have effective ways of finding the suspicious activity on their customer accounts, and sometimes banks also missed out. So check your balance after every transaction made from your account. For joint account holders also follow the same procedure. Its lead you to minimize the damages. In case you feel any suspicious activity in your account immediately contact your customer care.